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Q: I owe the IRS over $1 million. Can your firm help with a liability this high?

A: Yes, we have a separate division that deals strictly with the High Dollar Unit of the IRS. We are one of the few firms in the country that handles tax liabilities this high. Our professional team of IRS tax lawyers has 50 years of combined experience in negotiating with this special division of the IRS. In fact, one of our lead attorneys is a former IRS tax attorney that has represented the government in many complex tax law issues. He brings a wealth of knowledge for clients and is invaluable in providing tips about the ins and outs of how the government process works and what steps can be taken to prevent further actions from occurring.

We understand how to enforce every possible tax break and tax relief code that is available to the taxpayer who is suffering from a massive liability. Our IRS lawyers will help to negotiate the lowest possible settlement for your debt using smart methods that work within your budget and lifestyle. We have an impressive track record for settling our client’s debt for a fraction of what is owed, saving tens of thousands of dollars and ensuring that both personal and professional assets and property are protected – now and in the future. Contact us today. We can help. (800) 669-4775.

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