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Q: What do I do if I receive an "Intent to Levy" notice from the IRS?

A: If you’ve had an state or IRS bank levy filed on your account, call us NOW, as our IRS tax attorneys have only 21 days to intercede and stop the levy from taking some or all the funds in your account. We CAN and we will stop both IRS and State bank levies, but in order to do so, we must act quickly. 

 If you wait too long, the government will place an IRS bank levy upon your accounts, which freezes your accounts and seizes any money in them, up to the amount that you owe. If there is not enough money in your accounts, all money will be removed and your accounts will typically remain frozen until the debt is paid in full. 

An IRS bank levy is serious business that can make it impossible to pay bills, make major purchases and even cover day to day living expenses. Unfortunately, a levy is not a one-time event. If needed, a levy can occur over and over again to ensure that a debt is paid off. In addition, banks may charge penalties, interest rates and bounced check fees during this time. Plus, bills can become past due as a result of your frozen funds. A levy can end up costing a lot more than just the initial cost of debt. 

Contact us today for a quick, FREE confidential consultation to find out what options are available for the resolution of your potential bank levy. Call us now at (800) NOW-IRS-LEVY.

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