Billionaire Carl Pohlad Estate Resolves IRS claim

Tuesday, October 6, 2015
This week the IRS settled a claim in U.S. Tax Court of over $250 million on the Pohlad Family Estate for a small percentage of what they originally demanded. The Pohlad family are the owners of the Minnesota Twins baseball team, and have an involvement in commercial real estate, financial services, media, and car dealerships. Carl Pohlad, who passed away in 2009.  The Pohlad family ranks number 5 on Forbes richest families in America list.

The Pohlad family was involved in a lawsuit (filed by the Pohlad estate) that challenged an assessment of over $120 million in estate taxes which did not include a $48 million penalty and interest charges.
The judgement ruled for the Pohlad family to pay the IRS $36 million, $7 million of which are penalties and interest. There are no details documenting the breakdown of the settlement.

Originally, the IRS claimed that the families’ financial interest in the baseball team was over $290 million when Mr. Pohlad passed away.  However, the estate claimed that the value was closer to $24 million, ten times less than the exaggerated estimate, since ownership was transferred to his three sons before he died.  The IRS filed a “notice of deficiency” in 2013 and a hearing was held a few months later.  In September 2014, a four-day trial was held which included testimony about the estate valuation.

Currently valuation discounts is a hot topic with the IRS. This may have alerted the U.S. Treasury Department to create stricter guidelines about valuation discounts associated with estate planning.

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