Can a Tax Lawyer help me with IRS Collections? Yes

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Individual and business tax payers will often find themselves negotiating with IRS collection officers at least once in their life. Though you can easily negotiate with IRS officers on your own, the fact of the matter is you will most likely pay the highest penalties and not get the deal you need to take care of your IRS collection officer balance and still live your life. Therefore, just about anyone can benefit from the assistance of a tax attorney.

Staying Up to Date on the Latest Tax Codes

Tax attorneys have to stay up to date on the latest federal and state tax codes. By doing so they will provide you with the best defense and information you need to negotiate with IRS collection officers. Since tax attorneys understand the codes and changes, they are more effective at negotiating on your behalf than if you try to learn these same codes on your own.

Negotiation Power

IRS collection officers are not as willing, at times, to deal with tax payers as they are tax attorneys. The reason for this is that when a tax payer hires a tax attorney they are proving to IRS officers that they are serious about taking care of their debt. After all, they have paid a fee for their tax attorney. Therefore, the IRS officers will be more lenient and willing to work with tax payers and ensure that their tax issue is taken care of accordingly.

Future Tax Assistance

Busies owners can really benefit from the assistance of a tax attorney on a yearly basis. This is because IRs collection officers are frequently reviewing and auditing businesses. By having a tax attorney already on retainer and who knows your business, you are less likely to owe from a tax audit in the future.

If you are ready to get the assistance of a trained, professional tax attorney, contact the professionals at Strategic Tax Lawyer today. STL is up to date on the latest federal and state tax codes and can help you negotiate with IRS collection officers and resolve your tax issues quickly and efficiently.

Wondering how to deal with a revenue officer?  The experts at Avvo have written a guide for dealing with IRS Revenue Officers.  The IRS.gov site might be a good place to start if you have a specific question.  You can also turn to Google for more help.  The Beverly Hills Bar Association can also help. Find out all you need to know as a business regarding IRS State and Income tax, from the IRS.gov site.  The IRS Publication 15 may also be helpful.  Need to know what your state laws might apply to your IRS taxes?  Do a local Google search on your state and the keyword IRS taxes.  Get local information from the Beverly Hills Bar Association.