Did You Receive a Federal Tax Lien By Mistake? (Part 2)

Friday, September 4, 2015

In our last blog, we discussed federal tax liens. As top Los Angeles tax attorneys at the Strategic Tax Lawyers firm, we assist clients with federal tax liens and even clients who mistakenly received one of these IRS notices. In general, a federal tax lien will make sure the IRS eventually receives its money from the taxpayer. This could involve a seizure or forced collection of money, assets, and/or property. In this capacity the IRS will be able to sell tat property to get paid.

On occasion, the IRS will make a mistake and a notice will be sent out inaccurately.  Whether the notice of federal tax lien is a mistake or not, we recommend that you act on this immediately, and we can assist you throughout the process.  This happened to celebrity and musician Dionne Warwick who was issued a federal tax lien by the IRS. Ms. Warwick proved that the IRS can be wrong with the assistance of her tax attorneys. The Strategic Tax Lawyers can also assist you if you mistakenly received an arbitrary notice from the federal government.

Another example we want to bring up is about super star and Oscar winner Robert De Niro, who received a $6.4 million tax bill in early 2015.  Mr. De Niro learned that his taxes went unpaid for his 2013 tax return. His tax debt was discovered accidentally and if it wasn’t the interest and penalties would have kept accruing since the actor was not aware of this tax issue. It is true that the notice he received revealed that in fact, he had a tax bill that went unpaid.  However, upon learning about the tax lien, he paid the IRS in full.  Apparently, Mr. De Niro’s IRS notices were sent to an old home of his. 

The point is, no matter who you are or what your status is, you can receive an notice for a federal tax lien for unpaid tax debt.  As we mentioned earlier, we advise to take care of this issue quickly because when tax bills get to this stage, the penalties and interest associated with it accrue very quickly.  The longer you wait to pay your IRS bills, the more you will be charged.  In addition, the costs of hiring a tax attorney to remedy the situation could prove expensive. 

The Strategic Tax Lawyers, LLP are a firm of professional and qualified Los Angeles Tax Attorneys, Intent to Levy attorney and Los Angeles Tax Relief attorneys who specialize in all aspects of the tax code, especially federal tax liens.  Our firm has years of experience dealing with the IRS about tax-related issues.  To get a free consultation, call the Strategic Tax Lawyers at (800) 669-4775 for assistance you with your tax-related matters.