IRS Issues Rapper T.I. With Tax Liens

Wednesday, October 21, 2015
The IRS has recently filed tax liens to 35- year old Grammy-Award winning rapper Clifford Harris, aka T.I., and his singer wife Tameka Cottle “Tiny” in the amount of $4.5 million.  As top Los Angeles tax attorneys at the Strategic Tax Lawyers firm, we have assisted our clients with federal tax liens. We can also assist you if you believe you received an IRS notice mistakenly.

Federal tax liens let the IRS collect its money from the taxpayer. This usually involves a forced money collection or a seizure of assets and/or property. The IRS seizes property and sells it to use the money to pay down the debt.

Clifford Harris and his wife owe more than $4,570,000 to the Internal Revenue Service. Rapper T.I. had one tax lien for $1,397,000 that was filed in Georgia for delinquent taxes from 2012.  Another tax lien was issued for over $3,173,000 for delinquent taxes from 2013.  T.I. has a net worth of $215 million and is considered a top paid rap performer.  T.I. is known for founding record label Grand Hustle Records. He also is an owner of restaurants and nightclubs, as well as three clothing lines.  Harris has become famous after releasing nine albums with Atlantic Records. He also makes appearances in movies and television shows.

Celebrities are required to pay their taxes, as does the average taxpayer. No income earner is exempt from paying taxes, no matter what their celebrity status is. In fact, the IRS is stricter with celebrities who earn millions since they may red flag the IRS.  Celebrities who earn big money may want to keep it all to themselves and perhaps they don’t think that they will get caught.  This time T.I. joined the likes of hip hop artists who owe millions of dollars in unpaid taxes to the IRS, from Snoop Dog to Lil Wayne to Lauren Hill to DMX.

To remove a tax lien, you need to pay the total amount off.  Tax relief attorneys, such as the Strategic Tax Lawyers, can also assist with withdrawal of a tax lien if it was filed in error or if the taxpayer qualifies for the IRS Fresh Start program.  When a tax lien is removed, it will remain on your credit for years.  

The Strategic Tax Lawyers, LLP are a firm of professional and qualified Los Angeles Tax Attorneys, Intent to Levy attorney and Los Angeles Tax Relief attorneys who specialize in all aspects of the tax code, especially federal tax liens.  Our firm has years of experience dealing with the IRS about tax-related issues.  To get a free consultation, call the Strategic Tax Lawyers at (800) 669-4775 for assistance you with your tax-related matters.