IRS Tax Evasion Claims

Thursday, July 2, 2015
The IRS is serious about tax evasion, so if you are hiding or have hidden income from Uncle Sam, you are probably going to get their attention. We are the Strategic Tax Lawyers, made up of Encino Tax Lawyers, Offshore Taxes lawyers, and BOE Tax Attorneys.  Our firm has a number of successful years of experience dealing with tax evasion cases.  We are here to provide you with information about the tax code.
In general, the IRS can ask you to prove your income, deductions, expenses, etc. for up to three years after you file a tax return.  This is known as the statute of limitations.   So, if you do not report over 25% of your income, then the IRS can take up to six years to audit you.  However, there are loopholes that allow the statutes to be extended if they need additional time to audit the case.  The Strategic Tax Lawyers are able to advise you about your case.

If a taxpayer files a tax return that underreports total income or if they fail to file altogether, then the IRS has much longer to audit.  The stakes will unfortunately go up, and could include criminal charges or a prison sentence.  Tax law states that the IRS has six years to audit after a tax return has been filed or theoretically speaking, from the time you should have filed.

A taxpayer who is caught and charged with criminal tax evasion within six years most likely has not had the statute run its course.   We have seen some instances where the statute will be “tolled” which stops the statute time clock. This is true if a taxpayer is outside U.S.

A taxpayer may not necessarily be in the clear if the six years run out.  There may be issues that can keep the statute open.  In fact, there have been instances when the statute won’t begin until the last act of tax evasion. Because the six years will start after the last act of tax evasion, there would still be a chance of indictment, prosecution or conviction.

Another important fact is that the statute of limitations will not run out on fraud.

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