IRS and State Seizure of Assets

Thursday, February 4, 2016

If you have been convicted of a crime or simply accused of a crime, can the police seize your car or other property? You may not know this, but the seizure of assets is perfectly legal, yet this may be a controversial practice for some parties. This is known as civil asset forfeiture which brings the state and federal governments millions of dollars that will go directly to the police budget. Some items that police can seize or confiscate include homes, cash, cars, or jewelry if there is a connection to the crime or if there is information pertinent to the investigation. However, there are times that the individuals who have their assets seized did nothing wrong.

There was a video that The New York Times posted in which the city attorney of Las Cruces, New Mexico explained how they seize assets and consider it a gold mine. In fact, there were cases that the Las Cruces police officers would just wait outside bars targeting specific people to confiscate their items. In one instance, they waited for a drunk man to specifically confiscate his 2008 Mercedes. Automobiles are put up for auction which generates lots of money for the city.

Yes, it is legal for law enforcement to seize assets or property from individuals who have done nothing wrong or who haven't committed a crime. In fact, you don’t even need to be charged with a crime. This comes as a shocking surprise to people. The police state that the property is being used to investigate a crime. In fact, they believe that the seizure of assets reduces drunk driving and helps to decrease drug dealing. However, for innocent individuals with no association to a crime, hiring a lawyer can be expensive to win their case and many without access to a lawyer will lose their assets.

There have been new crackdowns for police departments on how they keep the money from the seizures. Instead of being used for the department’s general fund, the money needs to be set aside in specific funds, such as for drunk driving prevention. There are ways to work around that rule where local police partner with the federal government where there are no restrictions in seizure cases. .

You can protect yourself by avoiding the seizure of assets, but you will need to hire the legal services of an experience IRS tax attorney to get you out of this sticky situation. You probably want someone on your side that knows the legal system inside and out to get you the best settlement possible.  

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