Internet Security Tips

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Many people may not understand the importance of online internet security, but especially in today’s day and age it is important for everyone to keep their online personal information safe. There is no better time than now to address the importance of this matter.  

The Internal Revenue Service, as well as your state tax departments are joining forces to keep you safe from identity theft and other forms of tax fraud. The tax agencies and tax professionals are work together, with your support, to increase online security. Everything they will do will require your effort as well, but together there will be a difference in internet security.  This is especially true in homes that have one computer with multiple users. Tax professionals advise the students in the homes to avoid turning off security software and not opening emails that look suspicious. Also, families should discuss never downloading attachments from emails that come from suspicious sources. 

The reason to be cautious at all times is because identity theft is everywhere and innocent victims are prey for these identity thieves. It takes only one computer user to download something that could infect the computers. Families that have multiple users may want to pay closer attention to this detail, especially if they have personal financial documents and other tax information saved on the computer. For this reason, children need to understand the implications of sharing personal information, such as addresses, phone numbers, or parent’s information on social media. 

Social media allows identity thieves to see information you may think is not important, but to a professional con artist, this is the information they need to impersonate you. The young and the elderly are the most targeted by identity thieves. This is why it is important to share the message with anyone using the Internet, to abide by family online security rules, and to avoid opening spam emails. 

In addition, it is important to review all charges to credit cards and withdrawals from bank accounts.  A great tip is to cancel any credit cards that you don’t use.  Also, check your credit to make sure that there are no new accounts have been fraudulently opened. Be aware of fraudulent tax scam phone calls that put pressure on victims by demanding quick payment for debts that are fake.  It is important to remember that the IRS does not threaten taxpayers or demand payment be made in a specific way. The scammers will try to trick taxpayers with schemes such as winning a prize in a contest in order to capture personal information, such as bank information or their Social Security. 

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