More About Tax Scam Phone Calls

Wednesday, July 15, 2015
In recent years, the IRS has been continually dealing with one of biggest problems, which is scam phone calls.  The headache that scam phone calls results in is identity theft, which poses a major problem for innocent taxpayers. The Internal Revenue Service is extremely concerned about tax scam phone calls and wants to stress how important it is for taxpayers to be aware of how to protect themselves from tax scams.  The IRS has issued five warning signs for taxpayers to be aware of scam phone calls and we, the Strategic Tax Lawyers, want to remind taxpayers to take this seriously.  Tax fraud is a serious issue that leaves innocent taxpayers with major tax problems that can be frustrating, emotional and expensive to resolve. 

The IRS warns that these criminals will call taxpayers and claim that they work for the IRS.  Yet in fact they don’t, but they are very convincing. The criminals will demand that taxpayers owe the IRS money for past taxes.  The criminals are so good at what they do, that they will convince you that you owe the money to the IRS.  Also, the criminals may say a taxpayer is owed a tax refund in order to deceive taxpayers to provide bank account and other personal information.  The criminals do their background research about taxpayers and they will use it to their advantage.  They also will use caller ID phone numbers that mimic the IRS phone numbers, so that the scam is more believable.  In general, these criminals manipulate innocent taxpayers and they will do anything to get you on the phone because chances are, they will get the info they need from you.  They are that good.

That’s why the IRS is constantly warning and making taxpayers aware of what criminals will do to lure you into their phone tax scam.  The IRS will not call a taxpayer about taxes owed without first sending an IRS notification by mail first.  Also, the IRS will never demand a payment over the phone.  This will always come by mail notification first.  In addition, if the IRS requires that you use a prepaid card as the only method to pay the IRS, then you should have a clue that something is fishy.  That is one of the major signs of a scam.  Also, the IRS won’t ask for debit or credit card information on a phone call.  

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