Need an Attorney for Offshore Account Problems?

Friday, August 7, 2015
The IRS can request information from foreign banking institutions about U.S. taxpayers who use offshore accounts to commit tax evasion.  “Offshore accounts” do not refer to the physical location of an individual’s assets, but to locations of networks of legal arrangements.  In general, offshore tax accounts or havens are used to manage and control private wealth, which is most often in the interests of those who manage it. These include high net worth business owners and individuals.  The offshore bank accounts are known as avenues to hide assets.  By law, if the accounts are used to unlawfully hide income or evade your tax liability, this is against the law.
Tax analysts believe that there are billions in unreported in offshore accounts that are shielded from taxation. 

We are the Strategic Tax Lawyers, a firm with experienced Offshore Tax Attorneys who are successful in dealing with the tax evasion and are experts with the IRS tax code relating to offshore accounts.  We understand that the term “offshore” may invoke the thought of elite businessmen hiding their money from governments in Swiss bank accounts or in tax havens in the Cayman Islands.  This however, is misleading.  There are many ways that U.S. taxpayers have hidden their money in offshore tax shelters.  This is why many foreign tax authorities have cracked down on tax evasion by forcing foreign banking systems to change by providing account information about their clients.  This is done to reduce any means of evading taxes and tax fraud.  The crackdown of tax evasion has become very common all over the globe.

Have you received any IRS correspondence related to having an offshore bank account? A professional and experienced tax attorney, such as the Strategic Tax Lawyers will be able to handle issues with your offshore tax accounts, if you’ve been notified by the IRS.  A tax attorney will assist someone charged with tax evasion or some other tax related crime with their case. A tax lawyer would be the best person to provide information about legal tax advantages and tax regulations.  Professional tax attorneys should have experience dealing with offshore companies and businesses that and can help understand the legal tax flexibilities and advantages that are allowed for these offshore accounts. It’s best to consult with a qualified tax attorney to find out what legal benefits these accounts can offer.

The Strategic Tax Lawyers, LLP are a firm of established Offshore Tax Attorneys. We, at the Strategic Tax Lawyers Firm, are experts in the IRS tax code with years of experience dealing with offshore tax evasion and other tax-related matters.  Call the Strategic Tax Lawyers at (800) 669-4775 for a free consultation to assist you with your case.