New 2016 Tax Season Starts January 19th

Monday, December 28, 2015

The IRS has announced that the 2016 tax season will begin as scheduled on Tuesday, January 19, 2016. As such, the IRS will start accepting tax returns on January 19th. With that said, the IRS is anticipating over 150 million individual tax returns next year.  They expect eighty percent (80%) of tax returns to be e-filed using tax preparation software. The processing of paper returns will also be conducted at about the same time period. For tax payers looking to gain an advantage by filing their taxes by paper before January 19th, they should know that they will be processed at the time that e-file will begin. The tax software companies will start accepting returns before January 19th and will submit them directly to the IRS once the systems are open. 

IRS employees are ready to process the new tax returns and have spent time this year to make the tax season start on time. The IRS works with tax professionals and the tax software community to collaborate on the new tax filing season.  In addition, to add greater measures of security, the IRS has also been collaborating with state revenue departments and other tax professionals to work on combating identity theft and protecting taxpayers during the 2016 tax filing season.

Taxpayers will be able to submit their 2015 tax returns by Monday, April 18, 2016, not the traditional April 15th date which is Emancipation Day, so the deadline will be pushed a few days later. As always, the Strategic Tax Lawyers urge taxpayers to prepare for your tax filing by having all documents and year-end statements handy. This includes your W-2 forms, 1099 forms, and 1095-A forms if you plan to claim the premium tax credit.  The Strategic Tax Lawyers encourage all taxpayers to investigate the credits and deductions during tax preparation. 

We recommend using e-file and direct deposit, which is safe, accurate and fast with minimal errors. The IRS will expedite tax returns with an anticipated ninety percent of refunds getting issued in less than 21 days. 

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