New Tax Scams on the Rise

Tuesday, September 22, 2015
Have you received a phone call about owing money to the Internal Revenue Service for past taxes, owing a tax penalty, or about to get a refund? If so, be weary.  You may also get an email that asks you to go to an IRS online portal to update your personal information. Perhaps you may receive a letter in the mail that requests a past tax payment or current personal financial information.  In all these cases, the notifications seem authentic, whether the caller ID states the IRS phone number, the tax notice is on official-looking letterhead, or the email address is that of the IRS.

We are warning innocent taxpayers to be aware. There are tax scams that are always occurring and they are not ending any time soon. The Federal government has received reports of over 4,000 innocent victims getting swindled out of over $20 million.  There have been over 600,000 tax scam attempts since October 2013.

The IRS continually warns taxpayers to be aware of tax scams. We, the Strategic Tax Lawyers, want to remind taxpayers to take this seriously.  Tax fraud is a serious issue that leaves innocent taxpayers with major tax problems that can be frustrating, emotional and expensive to resolve.  The fact is, the scammers are becoming more technically savvy and more sophisticated.

For example, tax scammers will change the phone number that appears on your caller ID to look like the call is an official IRS call.  They will also use fake identifiers by making up names and job titles. Of course, this looks so official that it is hard to determine if it is a real call or a fake.  In fact, they get your personal information such as your name and home address by using the internet in order to make the call sound official.  In addition, they will scan and use official IRS letterhead to email or send mail. These are true con artists. Often times, the con artists who want immediate payment will provide directions to the nearest bank to get a payment. To make the scam look even more official, they have resorted to providing an actual IRS address for the taxpayer to mail a payment.

According to the IRS, they will never phone you to demand immediate payment. The IRS will not call you about any past taxes you owe. First, you will receive a notice in the mail. In addition, the IRS will never demand payment without giving you a chance to appeal or talk to your accountant. The IRS will never require that you pay in a specific manner. Nor will the IRS request any payment information over the phone. Also, the IRS will never make a threat, such as calling the police or immigration agencies. Also notice if official emails have the dot between "IRS" and "gov" since many fake emails will not.

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