Report About Better Improvements at the IRS

Monday, December 28, 2015

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) has published a report stating that there are improvements necessary at the IRS for identity protection to better assist identity theft victims.  The need to improve identity protection will help to reduce the burden on taxpayers that is caused by identity theft.  In 2008, Identity Protection Specialized Unit (IPSU) was established to assist victims of identity theft to help resolve their issues quickly and effectively.

However, over three years ago, IPSU was found to not be providing assistance to every identity theft victim. The promise was to assist identity theft victims with a way to get their questions answered and resolved.  TIGTA originally conducted an investigation of the way cases of identity theft were handled in order to follow up on how effective the IPSU was in meeting its identity protection goals.  TIGTA’s review was meant to determine if the IPSU would assist in streamlining the identity theft process in order to assist victims and provide a point of contact.

TIGTA revealed that the IRS does not provide a large percentage of identity theft victims with an IPSU contact person due to severe IRS budget limitations.  TIGTA also found that the IRS would not follow procedures to issue the required acknowledgement and correspondence to taxpayers burdened by identity theft. Nor did the IRS successfully conduct assessments to identify and assist taxpayers who had an identity theft claim.  TIGTA also revealed in its report that the IRS did not establish a process that ensured IPSU would receive effective customer service.

In its recommendation report, TIGTA suggested for the IRS to make sure that the required documentation and correspondence are sent to victims of identity theft in a timely manner. This couldn’t be emphasized enough.  In addition, any cases or claims that would be submitted without a complete Social Security Number should be researched and completed. As for the customer service issue, the recommendations included for the IRS to respond to taxpayers’ voicemail messages in a timely manner. The IRS has agreed to provide quality customer service to all taxpayers.  This includes any taxpayer who has personally been victimized by identity thieves.

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