Seeking out an IRS Tax Audit Attorney

Tuesday, March 19, 2013
If you have filed your tax return that turned into an IRS audit then best thing that you can do for yourself
is to immediately hire an IRS tax audit lawyer in order to guide you through the difficult and painstaking
process of an IRS audit. An audit is normally completely random and unexpected situation. No one
foresees being audited by the IRS but you should expect it to happen at least once in your lifetime.
Therefore, it is important for you to contact a well educated IRS tax audit attorney if this is to happen to

During the time of an audit, the IRS will have their own attorney who will be representing them and that
is why it would be wise to hire your own tax attorney in order for you to be well represented. It is also
equally important that you give your tax attorney all of the necessary background information in order
to best help you in your situation.

A tax audit is very common among small business owners. Many business owners tend to turn to
their CPA (certified public accountant) for assistance. Though they have the ability to be very helpful
during an audit, if you have made any actions that raises concerns with the IRS then you will need
the confidentiality from an attorney/client privilege. Your CPA will be expected to share all of their
knowledge of your taxes during litigation. Litigation may not always be necessary after an audit.
However, if it is, then you would absolutely need a tax lawyer to review and work on your case. You
should be able to feel confident in being represented during a tax audit and there is no one that can do
that for you than a tax lawyer.

With a tax attorney on your side, it can be very helpful in reducing the stress of going through an audit.
It is certain that a  tax attorney will become involved in your situation and will better prepare you if you
are to go into litigation.