Strategic Tax Lawyers Estate Planning Advice

Friday, August 28, 2015

The Strategic Tax Lawyers is an established firm with estate planning attorneys, as well as will and trust attorneys.  In general, the Strategic Tax Lawyers assist their clients to protect their financial affairs and their assets for the future.  Along with this goes education about the importance of protecting their future assets and protecting their family and loved ones from probate. 

The Strategic Tax Lawyers advise their clients to avoid future uncertainties with well-planned will and trust.   Our estate planning attorneys at the Strategic Tax Lawyer firm help clients put together a plan to help their loved ones protect assets, avoid unnecessary probate stress and save money.  The Strategic Tax Lawyers’ team of  estate planning attorneys and will & trust attorneys have successfully provided estate planning services to thousands of clients throughout the years.  In general, probate will involve a court process to settle a person’s final debts and to officially pass titles to a designated beneficiary. Probate is challenging, expensive and time consuming and the Strategic Tax Lawyers work diligently to avoid probate and also can help you plan for a will and/or trust. 

The Strategic Tax Lawyers have assisted their clients with wills and trust, which include all the assets, savings and other accounts, investments, insurance policies, properties, etc.  They suggest compiling a list of all assets, accounts, investments, etc. (as noted above) to help decide who will inherit those assets, as well as who will handle all your financial affairs.  The Strategic Tax Lawyers will work with you to draft a will to designate who and where to allocate all your assets.  

Many people give a portion of their assets to charities, faith-based institutions, educational institutions, nonprofits, etc. that they support throughout their life.  These gifts that are given at any time during the year can be claimed as a tax deduction on income taxes, but the gifts don’t have to end. Many people put this into their trust and will for gift giving to continue.  The Strategic Tax Lawyers always suggest that you donate to charities or institutions you are familiar with and are qualified with the IRS. In addition, if you donate to a faith-based institution such as a synagogue, church or mosque then you can deduct the gift on your income taxes.  And you can set up a system to continue your charitable contribution. 


The Strategic Tax Lawyers will help you keep your assets protected from creditors and lawsuits if you have estate tax exemptions.  You could keep your assets with your family and out of the hands of the IRS.  One of the most important tips is to start planning early to prepare your important financial affairs.  For some the decision is very difficult and confusing.  The team of estate planning attorneys and will & trust attorneys will help clients throughout the process. 

Strategic Tax Lawyers LLP are experienced IRS tax lawyers, estate planning attorneys and will & trust attorneys who have counseled clients about the protection of their assets from creditors.  These IRS tax lawyers can help you plan how to remove guesswork to prevent any issues.  The Strategic Tax Lawyers offer free and confidential consultations about estate planning, estate tax exemption, will & trusts and tax-related issues. Call today at (800) 669-4775 if you need assistance.