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Thursday, May 7, 2015
We are the Strategic Tax Lawyers, IRS tax attorneys in Los Angeles with years of experience dealing with the IRS.  As we all know, U.S. taxpayers are scrambling to meet the deadline for filing tax returns which is quickly approaching.  We want you to know, that as you prepare your tax return, along with all other taxpayers, you can access tools and helpful information on the IRS website which could assist you with your return preparation.
This year, the IRS has seen an increase of 11% in visits to the IRS website compared to 2014.  The IRS has had over 215 million visit to date, which is good news for them. This could free up IRS workers who would normally be busy answering questions.  Normally, the IRS is extremely busy and phone wait times for taxpayers can reach up to an hour to get a question answered. The website has become a source of information that is accessible to taxpayers.  Thus far, in the last week, there have been 15 million visits to the IRS website.  
In addition, if you are a taxpayer who have filed your return already and you want to find out about your refund, you can visit the IRS website and use the tool called “Where’s my Refund?” to find out about and track the status of your refund.  Thus far, approximately 164 million people have visited this tool.  Usually, you can find out any relevant information within 24 hours of submitting your taxes electronically to the IRS or approximately four weeks after you mail in a hard copy of your tax return to the IRS.

Over 11 million copies of transcripts of tax information was obtained on the IRS website. Up until recently, requesting transcripts was done via phone, but now can be done online, which frees up the time of IRS staff.  Also, if ordered by phone you would have to wait between a week and 10 working days to receive the information in the mail.

The following are tax filing statistics for the 2015 tax season:
•    Total visits to the IRS website: 215,612,739 compared to 194,206,816 in 2014
•    Total tax returns submitted to the IRS to date is 74,455,000 and 72,706,000 were processed
•    Total refunds to date 60,320,000 totaling $177,000,000
•    Average refund is $2,938 compared to $2,917 in 2014

Don’t delay, taxes are due on April 15, 2015 so submit your tax return to the IRS as soon as you can!

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