Tax attorneys in california explains What is the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS)?

Tuesday, September 22, 2015
The Taxpayer Advocate Service, also known as TAS, is an independent organization that is based within the Internal Revenue Service and serves to assist taxpayers with their tax issues.  TAS will assist individuals or businesses with any problems they have associated with taxes. The assistance is available for free to taxpayers. TAS will provide services that can help if tax issues cause you, your family or place of business any financial difficulty or any threat to terminate your business. If you have attempted to contact the IRS repeatedly without getting the assistance you need, then you should contact TAS.  TAS also offers services if the IRS does not issue you a response by the date they indicated they would.

The IRS follows the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, a set of ten basic civil rights that every U.S. taxpayer is entitled to when they are interacting with the Internal Revenue Service.  With these rights, taxpayers are provided with protection and civil liberties when dealing with the IRS.  Some of the key rights that we feel are important include: (1) the right to pay only the amount of tax that is correct; (2) the right to appeal a decision made by the IRS and take the case to court; (3) the right to privacy; (4) the right to receive both courteous and quality service from the IRS; (5) the right that personal information will remain confidential; (6) the right to obtain legal representation; (7) the right to a moral, just and impartial correspondence; (8) the right to be informed and receive clear information and instructions; etc.

One of the rights allows taxpayers to appeal a decision that was made by the IRS.  However, to do so, the tax attorneys in California advise taxpayers to be aware of their rights.  We encourage everyone to become familiar with the Taxpayer Bill of Rights since they are made specifically for the taxpayer.  This can be critically important when corresponding directly with the IRS.

TAS will assist you with larger-scale tax issues that may also be affecting other taxpayers. They advise you to report any issues you may be having. Every state has a TAS office to advocate for taxpayers. Also, the IRS has YouTube Videos and Podcasts available in English and Spanish that outline the Taxpayer Bill of Rights. The newly revised Taxpayer Bill of Rights is a document that is currently available in six languages on the IRS website.

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