Time to Audit Hillary Clinton’s Charity

Thursday, November 5, 2015
This week, the Republicans nudged the Internal Revenue Service to investigate Senator Hilary Clinton and the Clinton family's charities to audit their finances.  Previously, the Clinton’s refused to re-file important IRS documents when they acknowledged there were mistakes made in reporting donations from foreign entities. Known as the Clinton Health Access Initiative or CHAI, the charity revealed that they will not re-file IRS Form 990 since the mistakes on the form should not impact the income that was reported on the original tax return.  CHAI stands by the total amount of income they claimed was correct; however, the breakdown of private and government and funding was wrong. At this point, CHAI believes that it is not necessary to re-file.

Then, due to media attention, the charity has changed its course by deciding to re-file a minimum of two years' worth of IRS tax forms.  A spokesman of the Republican National Committee responded to the  re-filing updates by requesting that the IRS audit the charity since re-filing a tax return over half a year after taxes are due is more than political pressure or an act of allegiance.  

The RNC suspects that there is something to hide, especially after CHAI repeatedly failed to report how much money they received from foreign entities.  The RNC also suspects that there might be additional undisclosed foreign governmental monies that will not be discovered unless the IRS conducts an audit.  American taxpayers have a right to know whether the Clinton Foundation’s philanthropy is misreporting the donations and monies it receives from entities and governments abroad.  The answers may lead to conflicts of interest.

During tax season, news sources claimed that the Clinton charity did not acknowledge grants that were from foreign governments in a separate form from its total revenue in tax years 2012 and 2013. The Clinton Foundation agreed to re-file the tax form for the years in question.  In addition, CHAI previously re-filed their IRS tax returns from 2010 and 2011 since they over reported how much they received in governmental grants. The charity agreed to re-file Form 990s since the reported they did not receive money from foreign governments on their tax returns for multiple years, specifically 2010, 2011, and 2012. Tax experts in California agree that it is odd for a charity to make the same mistakes every year, and it’s not such a small error. The best course of action is for the Clinton Foundation to re-file a Form 990.

Now Hillary Clinton has come under fire for the actions of the Clinton Foundation charities, especially as she is the top candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination. Earlier in the year she resigned from CHAI's Board of Directors.

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