Tips for Dealing with IRS Officers

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

When you have a balanced owed to the IRS, you might find yourself calling IRS officers directly to resolve this. This is a common practice, but if you are unprepared you will find talking to IRS officers a lot more difficult than it seems. Therefore, before you pick up the phone to call IRS officers, consider a few of these tips:

Understand the System

IRS officers operate under a specific system and luckily for you it is posted on the IRS.gov website. Therefore, take a look at your rights as a tax payer as well as review the overall collection process to see how IRS officers work and what you can expect if you do not handle our case appropriately. If you are unsure your case and how it has progressed, you can order what IRS officers call a “transcript”, which will allow you to see the history of your tax account with IRS officers.

Take Names

When you call IRS officers, you need to take down the name and employee ID of the person you spoke with. Since IRS officers are overburdened and are human, mistakes will happen. If an IRS officer forgets to note you called and discussed your account, you will have a list of names and dates to counteract any claims that you did not contact them.

IRS Officers Don’ Call Back

Never wait for IRS officers to call you or call you back. Since IRS officers are extremely busy, you might find that you are waiting for days to hear back and often the only correspondence you receive back from IRS officers is through mail. Therefore, contact IRS officers yourself and never wait for them to contact you. Often by the time they call you, you are in serious collections.

Have Your Records Handy

Before you call IRS officers, make sure you have everything in front of you and ready to discuss with IRS officers. If you are scrambling to find papers while waiting for an IRS officer, you are going to be too busy looking for documentation than dealing with the issue at hand. IRS officers even recommend writing out a script before contacting them in general.

If you need assistance dealing with IRS officers, contact the professionals at Strategic Tax Lawyer today. STL can help negotiate your case with IRS officers and ensure that your case is resolved quickly and efficiently.

Wondering how to deal with a revenue officer?  The experts at Avvo have written a guide for dealing with IRS Revenue Officers.  The IRS.gov site might be a good place to start if you have a specific question.  You can also turn to Google for more help.  The Beverly Hills Bar Association can also help.