Updates on Innocent Spouse Relief

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Is the Internal Revenue Service sending you correspondence about a tax debt that began when you were married and filed a return with your spouse, yet you were not aware if they didn’t report income or if they took false deductions? If so, you need the professional assistance of the Strategic Tax Lawyers, expert Innocent Spouse Relief Tax Attorneys, who can help you to determine if you qualify for innocent spouse relief. It’s important to know that when spouses file jointly and they both sign the tax return, the IRS does hold both parties responsible and accountable for the tax liability.  However, if the tax debt is not paid by either party, then the IRS will go after both the individuals for the entire amount. If the couple is now divorced, and the IRS is still hounding you for payment, then you may qualify for Innocent Spouse Relief. The assistance of a qualified attorney may be necessary for Innocent Spouse Relief since it can be very difficult to obtain from the IRS.  There have been many cases denied.

The IRS has developed guidelines to provide innocent spouses with equitable relief from income tax liability. This program helps innocent spouses, as well as victims of domestic violence, by extending the amount of time taxpayers can apply for innocent spouse relief and eliminating the two-year time limit that currently applies for innocent spouse relief requests. From now on, if a new innocent spouse relief request will be requested, then the two-year time limit will no long be valid. Instead, the 10-year deadline will become a permanent law. If someone was previously denied an equitable innocent spouse relief request due to the two-year limit, they may reapply, assuming the statute of limitations for the number of tax years involved has not gone over the limit. 

Innocent Spouse relief can help individuals, such as single mothers who filed a tax return with their spouse and now face a tax bill. This relief service is aimed to assist people who have no idea that their spouse is responsible for a tax liability, such as understating or underpaying taxes. This in effect means that the "innocent" spouse is associated and responsible for tax liability as well. Every year, there are nearly 50,000 taxpayers who request innocent spouse relief.  Many of these requests are from victims of physical violence or domestic disputes. 

The professionals at the Strategic Tax Lawyers, LLP are Innocent Spouse Relief Tax Attorneys, IRS Levy attorneys and Penalty Abatement Attorneys who specialize in the tax code with over 15 years of experience in tax-related and IRS issues. Contact the Strategic Tax Lawyers at (800) 669-4775 for a free case consultation or a free analysis to see if you qualify for Innocent Spouse Relief.