Worst IRS Customer Service?

Friday, August 28, 2015

This last tax season is being pegged as the worst tax season with the worst customer service to date. This comes after nearly 8.8 million hang-ups on taxpayers who called the IRS.  Last year, it was reported that 544,000 hang-ups. There were millions of calls this year that went unanswered, resulting in the “courtesy hang-up”. The latest tax season had taxpayers needing assistance with the Affordable Care Act new requirements, identity theft, and other tax-related concerns.

Less than 10% of those who called the IRS for identity theft issues could actually get a hold of an IRS agent to report their case.  Just over 33% of those calling the IRS were able to speak with an IRS agent with an average wait time of 23 minutes.  Just last year, the average hold time was 14 minutes and only 29% of calls went unanswered.  

The complaints about millions of taxpayers not being able to reach the IRS or receiving a timely response is a major concern of the tax agency. In addition, taxpayers had to hire tax attorneys and other tax professionals to get the assistance they were looking for regarding the tax code and tax laws.   

Much of this has to do with staff cuts due to budget demands that the IRS is facing. The IRS budget was reduced by Congress in the amount of $1.2 billion, which is a 17% decrease since 2010.  The IRS also may face additional budget cuts by the House Republicans next year. Basically, if a taxpayer had to deal with a live human at the IRS, the chances of speaking with someone was slim to none. If someone was lucky enough to get through to a live agent, many times the question was out of their scope and could not be answered.  Anything beyond basic tax questions were not answered. 


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