What You Need to Know About an IRS Audit from Strategic Tax Lawyers

Friday, October 7, 2011

Perhaps one of the most frightening word related to the IRS is the word "audit". This is something that we all want to avoid, even if it can be a "luck of the draw" kind of system for choosing who gets audited and who doesn't. However, audits due to discrepancies in filing information or other problems associated with your tax return can also merit an IRS audit. Strategic Tax Lawyers is here to provide the information you need and the help you deserve so you do not have to face the IRS alone.

Why am I being audited?

Strategic Tax Lawyers is a firm comprised of highly experienced IRS attorneys that specialize in tax law. People get audited for a number of reasons. A certain number of audits performed by the IRS each year are completely random. If there are proverbial "red flags" on your return, such as discrepancies, missing information, or incomplete information, you are also more at risk for being audited.

While you cannot avoid being audited, Strategic Tax Lawyers can be there to assist you in every step of the process. With the help of highly trained IRS tax attorneys, facing an audit doesn't have to be quite as scary of a prospect. You just need to be armed with experienced professionals such as those from Strategic Tax lawyers, and the right information.

What should I expect during the audit?

There are a number of different "types" of audits and your attorney at Strategic Tax Attorneys will apprise you to the documentation that will be required of each type. There are less invasive audits, whereby you will simply be asked to send in statements, receipts, canceled checks and more, in order to clear up any discrepancies found on your return. This is a fairly simple matter to clear up - if you have the paperwork they require. At Strategic Tax Lawyers, we can help you along every step of the way. This more minor type of audit is used when there are discrepancies with regard to deductions taken by individuals on their tax returns.

More "invasive" types of audits that require more in depth analysis of your finances are also used. It is when faced with one of these types of audits that the experienced professionals of Strategic Tax Lawyers can really help you out. These more in depth audits are generally reserved for businesses or individuals with high net worth where red flags are raised. Strategic Tax Lawyers can represent you through the process and help get an outcome that is favorable to you in as little time, and with as little hassle as possible.

Facing an IRS audit does not have to be a headache inducing experience. With the assistance of trained professionals like those at Strategic Tax Lawyers, you have an ally on your side. IRS attorneys can help you assert your rights and help to work for the best outcome for you or your business.

IRS Resources

For official information about the IRS auditing process, see the IRS's official audit page. If you have further questions you can also visit the IRS's audit frequently asked questions page. For those who have received a letter of intent to audit, you can find information about the appeals process.

How To Manage Your Estate and Gift Tax With Strategic Tax Lawyers

Friday, October 7, 2011

Finding professionals these days can be challenging.  And finding the right tax attorney can be invaluable for all your financial tax needs and worries.  Where do you turn to in order to receive accurate and detailed information regarding your taxes?  Who can give you the personal and pointed help you need for yourself and/or for your business?  The professionals at Strategic Tax Lawyers have all the expertise and wisdom you need in a tax lawyer.  Their past experience and vast knowledge will be able to handle any tax question or problem you may be facing, even in the area of the estate and gift tax.

Trust the Strategic Tax Lawyer’s Proven Record

The success of Strategic Tax Lawyers can be proven by viewing their track record.  With over a decade of experience in the field of taxes to include issues with the IRS, auditing, wage garnishments, levies, tax liens, seizure of assets, penalties, multiple delinquent filings, business, and more, they will be able to help you settle your estate and personal taxes.  Strategic Tax Lawyers can give you the results you need.  The lawyers at Strategic Tax Lawyers  have had close contact with the IRS in the field of estate and gift taxes, particularly. 

Strategic Tax Lawyers and Your Estate Tax     

Strategic Tax Lawyers can make you aware of some of the deductions you can take to reduce your Estate Tax.  Debt, mortgages, losses and administration expenses are some of the things that can be used as deductions in the Estate Tax.  With so many forms to file, you’ll feel so reassured to have an experienced group of professionals working for you to help you make sure you do everything right.  Let Strategic Tax Lawyers  help give you the peace of mind you want and need.  The Strategic Tax Lawyers can give you help with Estate Planning, which is a plan to protect your assets from unnecessary tax burdens and financial costs.  Having a good estate plan can help to avoid future lawsuits as well as avoiding probate court.  Keeping up-to-date regarding Estate Taxes is important, too, so you’ll need a Strategic Tax Lawyer who is very familiar with this. Strategic Tax Lawyers are aware of key information that can affect you in regards to your Estate Taxes. 

What About Gift Taxes?

Gift Taxes can get very complicated for anyone.  When property is transferred between two individuals and less than its full value or nothing is given in exchange, taxes have to be paid.  Even giving a loan with no or low interest is considered making a gift.  Hiring Strategic Tax Lawyers  to help you figure out all the answers to this tricky tax will be a great help to you if you’re faced with this tax. 


Don’t try to go at it alone, because even the IRS encourages those facing this tax to hire a professional who is very experienced in dealing with this tax, since it is highly complicated.  Leave this work with to the Strategic Tax Lawyers.   Questions such as the “Fair Market Value” of your property, selling or donating your property, what is considered a gift and what is not, and all the details regarding filing a Gift Tax Return can be answered by the  irs.gov website as well as the personal and professional Strategic Tax Lawyers. 

How To Face Multiple Delinquent Filings With My Tax Attorney

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Whether filing as an individual or a business, failure to file in a timely manner can be a costly mistake. Penalties are incurred when you are late filing taxes, and these include pretty hefty fees. My Tax Attorney can help you navigate the intricate maze that is the IRS to help you get your financial life back in order, even if you have repeatedly failed to file your taxes in a timely manner. Not filing a tax form at all, or filing late, is often a strategy employed by someone who simply cannot afford the tax liability that they face. It is on the professional advice of My Tax Attorney, however, that this is not the best way to handle the problem.

What should you do if you have multiple delinquent filings?

Filing taxes can be a tricky business, but it is something that we all have to do. Whether on your own, or with the assistance of a highly trained IRS attorney, file any back taxes that you have failed to file immediately. The sooner you get the proverbial ball rolling, the fewer penalties you will incur from your failure to pay. My Tax Attorney can help you with your filings, even if you must file returns for previous years. Experienced IRS lawyers can help you get all those complicated tax forms out of the way and help yo prepare a plan of action.

My Tax Attorney strongly advises against simply ignoring the problem. Tax debt does not go away, ever. It cannot be erased by any means other than negotiation and payment of debts owed.

What are my options for repayment?

My Tax Attorney can help to negotiate a plan with the IRS that will allow you to stay afloat, but also manage your back tax debt. The longer you let the problem fester, the more fees and penalties you will incur. The sooner you can address the problem of your taxes the better. IRS lawyers can generally negotiate one of two outcomes for their clients: a payment plan or a lump sum settlement.

The payment plan that the skilled professionals at My Tax Attorneys can negotiate for you is a binding agreement between you and the IRS. These payment plans are often on a regular payment schedule, to be paid until the back debt is paid in full. This allows you to slowly pay off your tax debt, without incurring further penalties and fees.

Though it is rarer and there are a number of stipulations and criteria that must be met in order to qualify, My Tax Attorney can also sometimes negotiate a lump sum payment settlement option. The benefit of this method of debt repayment is that your IRS attorney at My Tax Attorney can often negotiate a settlement offer that is significantly less than what you actually owe. The downside is that you must have the funds to make the payment in full. Whatever you choose, you have options. Armed with the help of a highly experienced lawyer from My Tax Attorney, and the right knowledge, you can get out of debt with as little hassle as possible.

IRS Resources

If you have multiple delinquent filings, see the IRS's official webpage that describes the actions you need to take to avoid further penalties. For information about the penalties of failing to file or pay your taxes, see the penalties page on the IRS website. You can also check out the IRS's page of frequently asked questions with regard to late filing or failure to file.

Having Back Income Taxes Can Be a Big Financial Drain: Know Your Options with the Help of My Tax Attorney

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The IRS. Often seen as an ominous institution, out to get your hard-earned money. And being saddled with owing back taxes can make life all that much harder. Thankfully, there are avenues that you can pursue, with the help of highly successful firms like My Tax Attorney. If you fail to file your taxes, or fail to pay taxes owed, this will eventually catch up to you, and the financial cost of this failure to file or pay can be a pretty hefty burden. At My Tax Attorney, experienced IRS lawyers can help explain your rights and help you negotiate a plan of action that actually works for you.

Failure to file taxes

My Tax Attorney understands that the tax code of the United States is one of the most confusing documents that exists. There are so many different ways of filing, criterion for filing this form or that, it can really get overwhelming. If you have back taxes, tackle the problem with the help of My Tax Attorney before it gets out of hand. The IRS can impose hefty penalties and take harsh action in order to collect on back taxes owed, and without the help of experienced IRS attorneys, such as those at My Tax Attorney, you are left facing the IRS on your own.

The longer you ignore the problem without addressing it, the bigger your debt will balloon. And this is debt that will follow you until it is taken care of. Even bankruptcy cannot erase back tax debt, so contact the professionals at My Tax Attorney today to get back on the path to financial freedom.

Means of collecting back taxes

As noted above, the IRS has a number of different collection mechanisms at their disposal. One way or another, you have to pay this debt. The skilled IRS lawyers at My Tax Attorney understand how daunting facing the IRS can be, and want you to know the possible courses of action to expect. Depending on the amount of debt owed, and the period of time that debt has been owed, there are a number of different means of collection that the IRS may use to collect on debt owed. These can leave you in a financial bind and can really put your credit score through the proverbial ringer.

The IRS has the ability to garnish your wages, which means that they can take a portion of your wages - before you even have a chance to see it - in order to collect on debts owed. In extreme cases, they can also impose an IRS bank levy. This is essentially a freeze order placed on your bank account. After a period of time, the funds in your account are released to the IRS to pay the debts owed.

The lawyers at My Tax Attorney are highly skilled at working with the IRS and can help you negotiate a payment plan or even a lump sum settlement that will allow you to pay off your debts, while also keeping yourself afloat.

IRS Resources

For information on back taxes, please visit the IRS's page on what to do if you have failed to file taxes. If you have received correspondence indicating that you could be subject to wage garnishment or a bank levy as a result of owing back taxes, please see the IRS's page on wage garnishments and bank levies now.

The Tax Basics of Starting a New Business with the Help of My Tax Attorney

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Does the fear of the IRS and taxes keep you from starting the business you’ve always dreamed of?  Is this fear keeping you back from your potential for success and opportunity?  Don’t let these fears rule your life!  Instead, face up to those fears and learn exactly what taxes you and your new business will be responsible for.  Hiring a tax lawyer with My Tax Attorney can be a great help.  My Tax Attorney can give you the heads up for all that you need to know and do to start your business right and according to the jot and tittle of all the tax codes you should abide by.  Consult a professional tax attorney at My Tax Attorney to help get you started. 

What are some of the tax basics for starting a business?

There are many things to do when you begin a business.  Contacting My Tax Attorney  professionals can help build your confidence as you take the first steps in organizing your business.  Knowing that you have a marketable item for great sales is the beginning of a successful business.  Finding a great name, too, can attract buyers.  That is the enjoyable part.  But there are also your business taxes and finances that need a lot of consideration.  How can you best manage this?

Take some initial steps, such as--

  • Record keeping of expenditures and income.  Keeping a strict account of your business income and spending is a must.  You need to know how your money was spent so that you can take the right deductions from your taxes.  Taking the frustration out of your business is what My Tax Attorney is all about.  They can help you get organized and be clear with the IRS.
  • Keeping your business records filed away.  In order to prove your income and expenditures/deductions, you should organize your paperwork and file them safely away in case you are audited.  You’ll have all the proof you need at your fingertips.  And if you should ever need a tax professional to represent you if you face an audit, My Tax Attorney can help.
  • Employment and payroll records should be strictly kept, as well.  As an employer, you will be responsible for all the details regarding your employee records and payroll taxes.  Let My Tax Attorney guide you in regards to properly handling all these affairs.  When it comes to taxes, the lawyers at My Tax Attorney have all the credentials needed for properly assessing your tax situation, whatever it may be. 

IRS Resources

Starting a business should be a hassle-free experience for anyone today.  A very helpful set of rules to begin your business can be easily found at the irs.com website.  You will find a wealth of valuable information, including a great checklist for the business beginner. Getting the facts before actually beginning a business is smart step to take.  The lawyers at My Tax Attorney are highly experienced and knowledgeable to inform you regarding all your necessary business taxes. With years of experience and a vast knowledge of the IRS tax rules, My Tax Attorney is well equipped to assist you in with your business taxes and everything you need to know to get you on the ground and going in your new business endeavor.   


How to File Late Payroll Taxes With the Help of My Tax Attorney

Thursday, October 6, 2011

If you run a business and have workers, you should know that you are mandated by the federal government to withhold income, Social Security and Medicare taxes from your workers’ salaries. Aside from this, you are also required to contribute to your workers’ Medicare and Social Security taxes.

Part of your responsibilities as an employer, aside from depositing the payroll taxes with a federal tax depository, is to file quarterly payroll tax statements with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). However, due to the busy nature of running a business, many business owners often forget to file documents related to taxes, most specifically payroll taxes. As a result, most of these business owners file payroll taxes late.

However, this slip-up can be remedied by hiring the services of a tax attorney with capabilities and experience like that of My tax attorney.  Rely on My tax attorney for everything tax related, including estate planning and tax penalty abatement, but most especially for filing payroll taxes.

Filing Taxes Late with a Tax Attorney

If you have forgotten to file payroll taxes, a tax attorney similar to My tax attorney can help you in a lot of ways.  A tax attorney can help you file payroll taxes problem-free, and a tax attorney will also be able to help you file your payroll taxes properly and on time.

The following are steps how to file payroll taxes late.

1 – First step is to compute the amount of your payroll taxes. My tax attorney makes this step easy. The taxes are computed based on the salary amount of your employees, multiplied by the tax rate that matches their income level. If you hire your own tax attorney, you’ll find this step easy to do.

2 – Your tax attorney needs to fill out payroll tax form 941 and send it to the IRS. Since your filing is late, the IRS may be adding penalties and other fees, as well as interest. If you have questions regarding the nature of these penalties, you can clarify things with your tax attorney, like what I did by asking questions with my tax attorney before.

3 – Even though your payroll tax return is late, your tax attorney should still mail them to the IRS. Mailing tax forms have been made easy by My tax attorney, since the experts take charge of where and how to mail the forms.

4 – Now, this is where the tricky part begins. When filing for payroll taxes late, My tax attorney will prepare on your behalf a letter explaining the reasons why you filed payroll taxes late. If you filed payroll taxes late, your tax attorney will need to make a similar letter. Possible penalties are based on this letter, if you have a reasonable explanation, the IRS may not even penalize you.

Since hiring My tax attorney, my payroll tax filings have been smooth and wrinkle-free. I have a lot to thank my tax attorney for. My tax attorney helped me in processing requirements and submitting necessary supporting documents for my filings, making tax-related filings very easy. If you are one of those business owners finding it hard to file payroll taxes on time, then you might want to consider hiring a tax attorney.

IRS Resources

To learn what your state laws might be on filing taxes late, visit the IRS website here.

How Strategic Tax Lawyers Can Help Reduce Your Payroll Taxes

Thursday, October 6, 2011

If you are slowly feeling the crunch of the slow economy, then you might need to find ways to earn some extra income, or look for ways to increase your net pay. Due to the tough times we all face today, it is imperative to find ways to earn more. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact finding ways to increase your net pay is a way to save a couple of dollars here and there. Increasing your net pay usually happens when you get a promotion, or by doing overtime work.

However, there are other ways to increase your net pay, things you will learn with the help of strategic tax lawyers. If you are looking for ways to increase your net pay, strategic tax lawyers has answers for you.

How to Reduce Your Payroll Taxes

Strategic tax lawyers can help you find legal ways to increase your net pay by reducing the taxes withheld from you. Below are some ways how to do it.

  1. Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) – Consult strategic tax lawyers about the earned income tax credit if you have children. This type of credit is given to individuals and couples with children that qualify. Your strategic tax lawyers can help determine whether your children qualify or not. Qualification is based on the following:

  • Relationship – You must be related to your child (or children) through law, marriage, or blood.
  • Age – For your child (or children) to qualify, your child’s (or children’s) age must be under the age of 19 at the end of the tax year.
  • Shared residence – You must live with your child (or children) within the United States of America for more than six months of the tax year.

You can consult your strategic tax lawyers for further details about these qualifications.

  1. Cafeteria Plan – Your strategic tax lawyers may advise you to encourage your employer to adapt the Cafeteria Plan. This plan is an employee benefit that allows for pre-tax deductions. These deductions are not subject to federal, state, or social security taxes, making the cafeteria plan a payroll reduction strategy that is beneficial not only to you, but also your employer.

All participants in a cafeteria plan can choose one taxable benefit (cash) and one qualified benefit. Below are considered qualified benefits:

  • Health and Accident Benefits
  • Assistance for Adoption Benefit
  • Dependent Care Assistance Benefit
  • Group-term Life Insurance coverage Benefit
  • Health Savings Accounts

Consult your strategic tax lawyers to know which of these benefits offer the most advantage to you.

  1. Increasing Exemptions – With the help of your strategic tax lawyers, increasing the number of exemptions in your W-4 will significantly reduce your payroll taxes. The more exemptions you have on your W-4 form, the lesser taxes are withheld from you based on the exemptions.

However, you need to consult your strategic tax lawyers about the exemptions you plan to add to form W-4, since you could end up paying more taxes in case you add exemptions by mistake.

Increasing the net pay you receive from your salary can be done best with the help of strategic tax lawyers. These lawyers will not only help you find the right ways, they will also help sort documentation, things that are otherwise difficult without the help of strategic tax lawyers.


To know more about payroll taxes, and other things related to taxation, visit the Internal Revenue website here.

Understanding Your Rights When Faced with Wage Garnishment with the Help of My Tax Attorney

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

When you are saddled with years of back taxes, the worst thing you can have happen is an IRS wage garnishment. If you are behind on your taxes, and have failed to enter into a payment agreement, you need to contact the attorney experts at My Tax Attorney, a qualified group of attorneys who can help you protect your financial solvency. The IRS has the right, and the ability to seize all, or a part of your paycheck in order to recoup the back taxes that you owe them. While this does not happen without warning, it is something that can happen, and it can put one in serious risk of financial ruin. But with an understanding of your situation, and the help of My Tax Attorney, the situation is not as dire as it may seem.

When are wages garnished?

Wages are garnished as a result of failure to pay back taxes owed to the IRS. This is not something that happens as soon as you are late on your tax liability payment. This is generally a "last ditch" effort to collect on the debt that you owe them. This happens most often are repeated, unsuccessful attempts to collect the debt from you in other means. Finding yourself in this situation can leave one feeling hopeless, but not all hope is lost. My Tax Attorney specializes in wage garnishment cases and can help you get your life back in order.

What can I do about wage garnishment?

If you are receiving letters threatening wage garnishment from the IRS, contact your qualified experts at My Tax Attorney as soon as possible. This is no laughing matter, but My Tax Attorney, with experts who are knowledgeable in wage garnishment law, can help you fight the garnishment and negotiate a plan of action that will work for you. If you ignore the matter, you could find as much as 2/3 of your paycheck gone before you ever even saw it.

When a wage garnishment is ordered, the government literally orders your employer to withhold a portion of your wages to be applied towards your unpaid tax debts. This does not happen immediately. If you have received a notice that your wages are to be garnished, the IRS must wait thirty days before taking any action to garnish your wages. During said period, you can contact My Tax Attorney who can help you negotiate a plan that will work for you.

My Tax Attorney can negotiate a number of different arrangements for you, depending on your fiscal position. If possible, you can pay the IRS off in full, but chances are, you do not have this option. When this is the case, My Tax Attorney can help negotiate a settlement in very specific cases. This is not an easy accommodation to receive, but with the help of an experienced attorney from My Tax Attorney it is entirely possible to be able to negotiate your tax liability to a fraction of what you originally owed.  My Tax Attorney is also likely able to negotiate an affordable, reasonable payment plan by which you can slowly, over time, repay your tax debts to the IRS.

IRS Resources

You can find out more about wage garnishment from the IRS's official page. Regional and local differences in taxation are present, so it is helpful to stay current with your local area. You can stay up-to-date in the current happenings in Santa Monica by keeping up with the city's official website - this will help you keep up with ever-changing laws that could effect wage garnishment.

The Basics of Estate Taxation with the Assistance of My Tax Attorney

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Though not something pleasant to think about, it is prudent to ensure that all your proverbial ducks are in a row with regard to your estate. Failure to draw up the right paperwork can leave your loved ones with a tax headache instead of a legacy. My Tax Attorney is a resource led by well-qualified attorneys that can help you plan your legacy and safeguard your heirs from problems with the IRS. There are numerous documents that should be filed and ways to ensure that your loved ones will receive that which you intended for them.

Going it alone is a very daunting tax.  That is why the assistance of My Tax Attorney is a great partner in planning. My Tax Attorney specializes in estate planning and can help make the process of bequeathing your estate to your loved ones much simpler. With knowledge, preparation, and the help of My Tax Attorney, you can rest assured that your estate will be handled as you wish.

What kinds of concerns should I have with regard to my estate?

Estate taxes are usually the biggest concerns. These are taxes that are levied against the inheritance that you are bequeathing. The taxation rates of these monies can be staggering, but there are ways that your loved ones can reduce the amount of taxes charged for their inheritance. My Tax Attorney will be able to advise your loved ones as to the number of exemptions that they may qualify for that will reduce the estate tax liability they face.

You should also have an iron clad, current will that describes, in detail, how you would like your estate to be divided up. This will help to avoid any problems that might arise due to ambiguity in the will. My Tax Attorney will be able to help with this, and all other aspects of your estate planning needs. If you have young heirs, My Tax Attorney can advise you of the option of creating a trust. A trust is, for all intents and purposes, and account that is protected and can only be accessed when certain stipulations (such as reaching the age of 18, finishing college, etc.) have been met.

If you do not have heirs, you can also bequeath your assets to charitable organizations. Doing so will also reduce the estate tax liability your assets might incur. Again, check with My Tax Attorney to get all the details of this method of estate planning.

Being sure to prepare ahead of time will ensure that your loved ones will not have to suffer through a tax headache in order to access that which you left to them. The services of a knowledgeable expert from My Tax Attorney will help you prepare your will, create any trusts you may wish to create, and set a plan in place so as to make the bequeathing of your estate as easy on your loved ones as possible. Taking the time to plan with My Tax Attorney will make the passing of your estate onto your heirs as simple as possible.

IRS Resources

For additional information about estate taxes, visit the IRS's official page. You can also keep up with your local rules and regulations with regard to state planning by keeping up-to-date with the Los Angeles city website. These resources will help keep you current and provide all the information and links you will need for preparation.

Tax Information You Can Learn From New York Tax Lawyers

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New York, the city that never sleeps. Through the years, this tag line has become more than just something that draws curiosity from outsiders. In a lot of ways, it has become a fact of life for every New Yorker, especially with several business owners who run their businesses by doing almost everything on their own – including filing business taxes.

Running a business in New York can sometimes be confusing with all the nuances involved with it, especially with matters pertaining to the law and taxes. Still, many people run their businesses without consulting New York tax lawyers, oblivious to the fact that they may be jeopardizing their businesses by risking paying fines or penalties in case they mess up with their filings.

Commonly Asked Questions

Seeking the counsel of qualified New York tax lawyers will help you make the right and proper moves concerning your taxes. Below are some important questions you can ask New York tax lawyers about.

  • What is an EIN and how can I get it?

The EIN stands for Employer Identification Number, or the Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN). It is a unique nine-digit number assigned to businesses operating in the United States, issued to all who pay withholding taxes.

To get an EIN, your New York tax lawyers should file Federal Form SS-4, Application for Employer Identification Number, with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

  • Can business owners like me appeal a determination about my liability under the Unemployment Insurance Law?

You have a right to request a hearing if you disagree with a determination in your liabilities or the amount of tax due. Your New York tax lawyers should state in the request the reasons for your protest. This must be done in writing, sent to the Department within 30 days of the mailing date of the determination.

  • How can I obtain a copy of a New York State tax return that I have filed?

You can acquire copies of previously filed tax returns by having your New York tax lawyers submit a duly accomplished Form TR-152, Request for Copy of Filed Tax Return.

  • When should I ask my New York tax lawyers to file Unemployment Insurance taxes?

Employers with the assistance of New York tax lawyers must file reports and pay taxes every quarter. Unemployment insurance, wage reports and withholding taxes are reported using form, NYS 45 Quarterly Combined Withholding, Wage Reporting and Unemployment Insurance Return.

Your New York tax lawyers must file form NYS 45 even if you paid no wages and no taxes are due.

  • Where can I obtain New York State tax forms and instructions?

Your New York tax lawyers can download New York State tax forms from the Department's website, and from most local libraries.

Delegating certain tasks to people more capable and qualified to do them will not only be an advantage to your business, it will also relieve you of some of the burdens you normally have to deal with. And with matters pertaining to the law and in filing of your taxes, consulting New York tax lawyers will surely be of benefit, saving you all the hassles and saving you time you are better off spending for some much needed rest.

For other tax information in the State of New York, visit the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance website. You can also download tax forms here.