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Q: What do I do if I receive a Notice of Audit?

A: An IRS Audit is time consuming,all encompassing, and will likely leave you with an unexpected tax burden. Upon receipt of a notice of exam it is best to strategize quickly, as the clock is ticking at this point. To enter into an audit without proper representation is like walking into a courtroom as a defendant without counsel. ALL reasonable minds, and most recorded data, suggest that the unrepresented lose their argument more often and at great personal cost.Don't be a VICTIM going in....be a VICTOR going out!.....hire great counsel. Hire a tax attorney to defend your rights, defend your arguments, and shut down the audit soon...unscathed, or with barely a dent in your honor and pocketbook.

What's the difference between an Audit and a root canal procedure? There is seemingly no difference...both are very painful and expensive, and there's generally a lot of bleeding..... Only a dentist can "SLOW the bleeding" in the dentist's chair....but a good tax attorney can PREVENT the bleeding from the outset:)William Shakespeare

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