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Q: What do I do if the IRS seizes my assets?

A: If your assets are seized by the IRS because of an unpaid tax liability, a plan must be put in place quickly or the IRS will continue to take from you until a plan is offered up. If business assets are taken from you, your ability to do business and draw income is in immediate jeopardy. The question you pose to yourself is : How do I viably live or do business if the very means by which I live or draw income (my stuff) is taken and sold off by the IRS to pay my tax burden? ..a bit of a quagmire..isn't it? Asset seizure can quickly and effectively be stopped by hiring a good tax attorney to clean up the mess. They can help directly in proving up to the IRS your inability to repay the tax burden on the IRS' terms and that seizures are not necessary. They can implement a plan for you so that you can freely move forward and keep current with your business expenses and taxes,as well as simultaneously deal with the back tax burden.

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