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Q: What do I do if the IRS shows up at my business or home?

A: Oftentimes, when taxpayers fail to pay the IRS, the government will assign a revenue officer to the case. A revenue officer is the worst kind of collector that you can have, and once they’ve got your number, you won’t hear the end of it until your debt is settled. Revenue officers can come knocking on your door if you have unpaid income taxes or payroll taxes, and have failed to contact the IRS to work it out or set-up a payment plan. 

It’s never too late to get help. In fact, if the IRS has tracked you down at your home or business, now is the time when you should be seeking an IRS tax attorney that can help to protect you and minimize the damage. 

The problem with ignoring or hiding from IRS revenue officers is that the problems only get worse as taxes become more and more delinquent. In fact, the next steps after trying to contact you by mail or in person include wage garnishment and bank levies, where your assets are seized until your debts are paid. This can cause all kinds of serious issues, so it’s best to deal with the IRS a.s.a.p. Contact us today. We can help. (800) 669-4775

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